Andrea Kelland

I think the sea must be in my blood, I’m never happy far away from it and most of my work is based on coastal subjects here in Pembrokeshire. The theme of ‘Where sea meets land’ is a favourite: the interaction and contrasts like Fluid & Static, Rough & Smooth, Violence & Calm, Dark & Light, and the wonderful turbulence at the seas edge when huge waves come thundering in against rock and land.

Having selected a subject, I’ll strive to retain its particular poetry or drama. People have said that what they particularly like about my paintings are the abstractive but recognisable scenes and also the emotions the paintings evoke; that they are accessible. Some comments have been; ‘I’m sure you hear this all the time, but your work is stunning’ or ‘Thank you for bringing so much joy with your wonderful paintings’. I paint in oils and in watercolour, both large and small, with boldness, sensitivity and rich colours .

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