Chris Neale

I moved with my family to Wales from Devon in 1966 and have lived in Pembrokeshire since 1997. I attended school in Penarth and then studied Graphics in Bristol.

After a career in Graphic Design I returned to painting some time ago, a passion I have had since I was very young. I have an intense relationship with my subject and see the landscape with a graphic eye, focusing on composition and colour. My paintings are an attempt to convey the emotions I feel and to share them.

I spend a lot of time exploring, seeking out compositions and emotionally-charged landscapes in which I aim to assemble the components which have created my emotional response and then discard the rest. My compositions must have something out of the ordinary to them, a sense of drama, colour or some other deep emotional quality. I am fond of flowing curves, influenced by the excitement of following tracks and the anticipation of what lies around the corner.

With a love of reading maps, this leads to seeking out locations far from the mainstream. Some locations in Wales have a magnetism that draws me back time after time. There is a Welsh word that expresses this better than any English equivalent - hiraeth.

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